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001_Seattle from Carey Park.jpg

002_Eye of The Needle.jpg

003_Eye of The Troll.jpg

004_Eye on Seattle.jpg

005_Eye on Seattle. Too.jpg

006_Mukilteo Lighthouse A.jpg

007_Mukilteo Lighthouse B.jpg

008_Mukilteo Lighthouse C.jpg

009_Mukilteo Lighthouse D.jpg

010_The Light of Mukilteo A.jpg

011_The Light of Mukilteo B.jpg

012_Mount Baker.jpg

013_Mukilteo Lighthouse E.jpg

014_Ballooning in Snohomish.jpg

015_The Troll.jpg

016_Frost on Holly.jpg

017_Frost on the Pumpkin (Mushroom).jpg

018_I Love This Game!.jpg

019_The Colors of the Waterfront.jpg

020_Americas Pastime.jpg

021_Point-No-Point Lighthouse.jpg

022_Everett Waterfront A.jpg

023_Rain on Holly.jpg

024_Mountain Majesty.jpg

025_Blue Angels Fivesome.jpg

026_Blue Angels Foursome.jpg

027_Blue Angels Foursome A.jpg

028_Blue Angels Foursome B.jpg

029_Blue Angels Foursome C.jpg

030_Blue Angels Sixsome.jpg

031_Collision Course.jpg

032_Flying Duck.jpg

033_Flying Duck II.jpg


035_Mt. Raineer . Blue Angels.jpg

036_Mt. Raineer . The Flying Duck.jpg

037_Seattle Skyline.jpg


039_Solo A.jpg


041_Frost on Holly II.jpg

042_Swans in Snohomish.jpg

043_The Triplets.jpg

044_Wings . Water.jpg

045_Wings On Water.jpg

046_Wings To Water. Too.jpg

047_Wings To Water.jpg




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